Donate Money to Mothers Milk Bank

Making Breast Milk Available to as Many Families as Possible!

Sometimes moms are unable to fulfill their desire to breastfeed even after a great deal of effort. Many vulnerable infants face medical risks and even life-threatening digestive conditions that can be addressed only with human milk.

​ Carefully screened and processed donor breast milk is endorsed by the Food and Drug Administration and the American Academy of Pediatrics as the safest, most nutritious choice.

​ As the only nonprofit milk bank in California, we won’t sell your donated milk to pharmaceutical companies. We make sure that your milk feeds babies who are in need. That’s why we’re here.

​ Mission: Our mission is to enhance the availability and use of breast milk for all babies. ​

Vision: Our vision is for every infant in the world to receive the best possible start in life by breastfeeding or receiving donated human milk. ​

Who do we serve? Over 570,000 ounces distributed in 2013 to infants and children!
Mothers’ Milk Bank provides processed donated breast milk to 114 hospitals and outpatient families. At the Mothers’ Milk Bank we continue to receive orders from more hospitals weekly. Some of our infants are so severely in need of donor milk. The Mothers’ Milk Bank makes every effort to supply donor milk to these children immediately. We are in need of an emergency fund for families in dire need so we may ship the life- saving pasteurized milk to them.

In our new facility, we have the ability to increase capacity to serve more infants and families. The Mothers’ Milk Bank appreciates any support to expand equipment ( freezers, water baths, homogenizers) to expedite processing. Thank you.

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