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LaVonne’s story, milk donor

“It's been my desire for four years ago (when I had my baby girl) to donate but the quantity I had then was just small (50oz) and I felt it wasn't! Now, it's a joy for us to be able to share! With my new baby, I was able to donate 120oz last December 5th, 2016. I have another 100oz in the freezer I’ve saved just for MMB and my baby has his reserve of about 150oz. I am so pleased to help other families who need milk. . .keep up the great work!!!”

Boeckman family

Erin and Brent Boeckman, San Jose residents, were filled with joy when they found out they were expecting. Erin and Brent are thoughtful, careful parents who were very prepared and excited for their son’s birth. But they could not have expected when little Logan was born on March 20th, 2016, that he would be somewhat paralyzed. Life took a new turn, and they sprung to action.

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