Erin and Brent Boeckman

Erin and Brent Boeckman, San Jose residents, were filled with joy when they found out they were expecting. Erin and Brent are thoughtful, careful parents who were very prepared and excited for their son’s birth. But they could not have expected when little Logan was born on March 20th, 2016, that he would be somewhat paralyzed. Life took a new turn, and they sprung to action.

Logan was diagnosed with hemiparesis on the right half of his body, due to birth trauma. The right side of his face drooped which prevented them from getting a latch. Erin, healthy and eager to nurse, could not because of the latching issue. As time went by her milk started to diminish, yet she continued to pump, day and night, getting every drop that she could.

Logan showed amazing resiliency, and when he was a few weeks old they were able to establish their very first latch! With consistent occupational care, engaged parents, and by continuing to practice their latch (nursing helped rebuild his facial muscles), Logan was given 100% rehabilitation recovery status at six months old.

Logan’s recovery was a profound sense of relief for his parents, and wake up call. The experience of trauma for their newborn and the experience of losing milk supply, are what motivated Erin and Brent to help other families and infants with her supply of milk.

When deciding what to do with her extra supply, Erin researched the possibilities for weeks (Brent jokes that she’s addicted to Google!). After discussing the options together, the Boeckmans' decided to explore milk banking. Erin recalls, “Donating to Mothers’ Milk Bank was the obvious choice for us. We had confidence in the safety measures taken by the bank, and we knew that blood tests would vet out any milk that was not healthy. And most importantly, our extra milk would be sent to infants in need, immediately!"

Erin moved though our process quickly, and within a few weeks it was confirmed that she could provide her milk -- and did she! With her first two donations she provided infants with over 1,400 oz of milk! We were able to move her milk into the NICU's and to other babies in need -- The Boeckman Family helped save lives!

Experience, empathy, and action. . .this is a story of a family, like many of our donors, who use their personal experience to support communities, strangers, and infants who thrive because of their support. We believe that the Boeckmans' are Milk Warriors, and like all donors, they do it from their hearts and for all the right reasons: love.

1887 Monterey Road, Suite 105-110, San Jose, CA 95112