bereavement support for mothers

In the event of a loss, the Mothers' Milk Bank supports mothers in their decision regarding their stored milk and continued lactation. Maintaining physiological comfort and preventing engorgement are a priority when she is still producing milk and not able to breastfeed.

The precious frozen breastmilk the mother was saving for her infant is gladly accepted by our staff. Some bereaved mothers may want to continue to express their milk after the baby dies and donate it to the Mothers' Milk Bank.

Expressing milk continues the presence of Prolactin which could help lessen the symptoms of depression and may help her through the unimaginable pain and grief of losing her baby.

For some mothers, expressing milk is the evidence and significance of her baby and motherhood. Giving of her milk is a recognition of her little one and a meaningful way to help other babies. This sometimes helps the mother manage her grief and supports babies in dire need of human milk.

The Mothers' Milk Bank in San Jose CA accepts milk from anywhere in the US from a bereaved mother. Our staff is trained to help the mother through the screening who wants to donate her milk and helps the family with the transfer of their precious donation. Any amount is greatly appreciated. If the mother does not want to complete the screening, the milk will be provided for research.

Please call our toll free number 877-375-6645 Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm PST.

1887 Monterey Road, Suite 105-110, San Jose, CA 95112