how donating works

How it works….1…2…3…4

We collect and screen the excess breast milk from volunteer breastfeeding mothers, store the breast milk for optimal nutritional value, process the breast milk to remove viruses and bacteria that may cause illness, and distribute donor human milk to hospitals and families.

it's EASY: Donors

  1. Contact us here to donate milk 1-877-375-6645
  2. Our Donor team will interview you and move you through the process
  3. When each screening is complete, a small blood test will be arranged for you
  4. Once there is a confirmed fit, we start to receive your milk, we process it and out it goes to babies in need!

*Transporting milk is managed by the Milk Bank. It is free to you. You simply fill up the cooler we provide and send back to us (no dry ice required).

It’s Simple. It’s Safe. It’s the Best for Babies!

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