breastfeeding support

Electric Breast Pump Rentals
The Mothers’ Milk Bank provides rentals of hospital grade pumps and kits for mothers in Santa Clara County. The supplies and rentals are payable by credit card. You can also purchase electrical double-sided pumps through us. If you want your insurance to cover the costs, please get a prescription for the pump and provide us with your insurance identification. We will do our best to get it covered.

Medi-Cal Patients
We have a special program to provide electric breast pumps for Medi-cal patients (Ameda or Medela brand). We also have breast pumps for purchase should you not currently have coverage. We do require a prescription from your doctor. Depending on the type of Medi-Cal coverage, we can help you to see if you qualify for a double sided electrical Breast Pump.

Valley Health Plan Enrollees
If you would like to rent an electric breast pump, follow these instructions: Get a prescription from your doctor specifying the of “Rental electric Breast Pump and kit” and the length of time it will be needed. Submit the prescription to Valley Health Plan for authorization.

We work with the following plans: Valley Health Plan, San Francisco Health Plan and San Mateo Health Plan - All enrollees require a prescription for a Breast Pump. If we cannot provide a pump to you, we will find out whom you can call to request one.

Lourdes Chicas CLE
Breast Pump Coordinator
Medical Biller
Tel: 408 638 2846

1887 Monterey Road, Suite 105-110, San Jose, CA 95112