health care providers

what we do for NICU’s/infant units

  • Have a 24-hour turnaround in safely screening donors to get milk to infants
  • Bring 40 years as a leader/gold standard in feeding infants to health and best weights.

Please contact us if you’d like to set up Milk Drives, have us consult on the 2025 Baby Friendly compliance for hospitals (no formula will be in hospitals at that date) or would like to have access to our supply.

working with mothers’ milk bank
With physician, nurse or lactation specialist support, more mothers will be successful in their endeavor to breastfeed. You may reach us anytime at 877-375-6645 or by emailing our coordinators.

The Mothers’ Milk Bank will need 20 new donors to sign on each day in order to meet the continuous rise in demand for breast milk from hospitals and families. We rely on the lactation consultants and nurses in hospitals to let moms know that by becoming a donor and providing their surplus milk, they can help save the life of another baby. To find out more or to order brochures at no cost call the Mothers’ Milk Bank at 877-375-6645 and speak with a donor coordinator.

physician referrals
Brochures in English and Spanish about the Mothers' Milk Bank donation and recipient process are available at no cost for your patients and can be ordered by calling 877-375-6645. See our ordering procedure here. All information about your patients is private, confidential and HIPAA compliant

paying for Your Order
Our processing fee is $15.00 per 4-ounce bottle for hospitals and outpatient recipients and $9.50 per 2-ounce bottle and $6.75 per 1 oz bottles for hospitals only. Shipping charges are additional. Not all insurance or Medi-Cal patients will be eligible for coverage or reimbursement. Each patient's reimbursement or coverage will be determined on a case by case basis. The Mothers' Milk Bank will work with the family and physician to get reimbursement or coverage. It is expected that the family will pay for the milk if the insurance will not cover the cost. Mothers’ Milk Bank is actively advocating for policies to ensure that all insurance companies cover donor milk for families who need it. To find out if your insurance covers this cost, call your provider. The Milk Bank will gladly offer extra support for this matter upon request.

our partnerships
Every month, more hospitals sign on to partner with the Milk Bank, providing outreach to donors and recipients and opening milk collection sites where donors can easily drop off milk.

Click here to see a map some of our hospitals coverage by city.

breast milk classifications
Hospital-grade milk is donated milk from mothers of pre-term and early-mature infants. Mature milk is used for infants of appropriate gestational age. Our staff matches donor milk to recipients based on medical needs. In the event that the milk bank runs low on hospital-grade milk, mature milk may be used as a substitute.

agency partners
HMBANA, Stanford University.

we are endorsed
American Academy of Pediatrics, Academy of OBGYN, Academy of Family Physicians, Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine, American Nutritionist and Dietitians Association among as many others.

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