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Mothers Milk Bank is Making Breast Milk Available to as Many Families as Possible!

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how to get our mothers’ milk:
If you would like to order milk, please fill out the form below. If you would like to call for an immediate response, please contact the MMB Recipient Coordinator, Fabian Licona, at 408.638.2822. Thank you!

Sorry, we CANNOT accept handwritten prescriptions. Please contact us and we can walk you through the process.

Please check this box if you are enrolled in Medi-Cal.

Mothers and Families in a NICU:
We are here to help you get the Mothers’ Milk You need.


In 2017, The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) stated in their report, Donor Human Milk for the High-Risk Infant: Preparation, Safety, and Usage Options in the United States (HMBANA) Donor milk banks represent a safe and effective approach to obtaining, pasteurizing, and dispensing human milk for use in NICUs’ and other settings.”

Research has shown that mothers’ milk is DEEPLY helpful for your baby. Although formula is used as an interim solution, there is also research to prove that it does not help (and often harms) your baby’s gut and intestines. We strongly urge you to speak with your nurse, doula, lactation consultant - and certainly your doctor - to understand the benefits of mothers' milk for your premature baby.

Additionally, our mothers’ milk collected and processed in our non-profit bank has been SAFE for decades. We screen donors just like a blood bank does, and make sure the mothers milk we provide you is of the highest grade. Please know, we are here for your family and will help you with the “Liquid Gold” of mothers’ milk for your child.

We have hundreds of mothers who want to help you and your child/children. We have a thorough screening process, and those that pass our multiple tests (background, blood test, doctors approval) are here to HELP YOU. They donate because they care about you and want your baby to thrive!

Click here to see a map some of our hospitals coverage by city.

why Hospitals get you donor mothers’ milk: If your baby is in the hospital, the hospital can order the milk as a standard service. The hospital purchasing unit can submit the Hospital Request Form with a purchase order identification number. Hospitals in California must have a tissue bank license in order to provide donor human milk to their patients. We too have a tissue license. Therefore we are one of the few who can collaborate with Hospitals in full compliance.

what Happens: Donor human milk is shipped directly from our facility. Local families may save the cost of shipping by picking up their order directly from Mothers’ Milk Bank.

If we get your prescription before 11am on Monday-Thursday, we can ship that afternoon if our supply permits. Typically it arrives by 10:30am the next morning (contingent on the FedEx schedule). If the order is received in the afternoon, we can ship the donor milk the next day. Weekend delivery is possible in emergencies. All donor human milk has been pasteurized or heat-treated, bacterial tested and then frozen.

Finally, the milk is shipped out in glass bottles (we’ve always been plastic free!) to hospitals, patients and homes. We stay in touch with families and those providing milk to ensure the process is smooth and helpful.

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