Mothers’ Milk Bank Needs Breastfeeding Mothers Help

Many of our recipient families are so very thankful when we are able to provide the donated breast milk that is needed for their infants. These infants cannot ingest formulas without undue stress, pain, gastric upset and allergic reactions. They are thankful for the pasteurizing and testing of the volunteer mother’s breast milk to keep it safe and clean for their babies and as nutritious as possible. Many recipient mothers are desperately trying to breastfeed their babies with limited success due to physical ailments, surgery or chronic illnesses. The support these mothers get helps nourish their infants (as well as supports the mom) to continue her efforts in getting her breast milk supply to successfully increase for her babies. Please visit our Facebook Page or Family Stories the stories of the families that we have served along with our other social media platforms. Mothers’ Milk Bank continues to respond to a rising need and demand for donor human milk for infants to survive.

It’s Simple. It’s Safe. It’s the Best for Babies!

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